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Soft tops + Windbreakers + Assembly

Soft tops and windbreakers are the main products at MBB – besides the assembly part, which takes place both at MBB in Aalborg (with possible overnight accommodation) and directly at the customer’s home address – Jutland, Funen,    Zealand(DK) + Malmö(SE).

MBB is the leading soft top company in Northern Europe with the lowest prices and has an annual turnover of 1000-1500 units (soft tops, inner lining and windbreaker). We therefore have excellent cost prices around the world!
We offer ready-made soft tops of excellent quality for models all the way back from 1917!

We use Sonnenland fabric, used by Mercedes and Porsche, and SG-fabric, used by Audi and BMW! Both are top-quality products, however, SG is cheaper.

In 2010 we made a new and more favorable agreement with our suppliers than ever before! This is to ensure top quality at the lowest price possible!

We stock more than 350 units for the most common cabriolet models!

Spring and summer are the height of the season, so if you want MBB to assembly your soft top, we recommend that you have it done during the winter, to avoid the waiting time! 

Many choose to expand the season with a windbreaker!
A windbreaker is a metal frame covered with
imitation leather and a net, which you place behind the front seat to avoid turbulence in the car when you are at great speed. It prolongs the period where you can drive with the top down – the heat stays in the car, so you can drive with the top down during both the spring and the fall!

We also sell spare parts and equipment for Suzuki 4x4 - SJ/Samurai, Vitara, Grand Vitara + NY Grand Vitara.

The sale is mainly in Denmark, Norway, Sweden – but also in other countries like Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Macedonia!

Our number of products: 1295 – Founded in: 2000 – Company space: 3850m2 - Prices: incl. VAT –Purchase on approval: 14 days – with a guarantee according to law!

- tlf. +45 / 2728 4745